Salome LIVE

by Dendera Bloodbath

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released August 14, 2014

Virginia Bliss: Vocals, autoharp
Jonathan Beckner: Guitar
Lee Brownlow: Drums



all rights reserved


Dendera Bloodbath Atlanta, Georgia

Please contact me if you are interested in doing projects or shows together :)

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Track Name: The Moon
How good to see the moon, a little piece of money
A little silver flower cold and chaste
Possessing beauty of a virgin, she has never defiled herself
Abandoned herself to men like other goddesses
Princess with a yellow veil, white doves fly on feet of silver
She hides her face behind her fan
Little white dove hands, little white butterflies
Little white butterflies, narcissus trembling in the wind
Oh how strange the moon looks, a woman rising from the tomb
Bony hand covers with a shroud, she seeks only dead things
She is a madwoman and naked too, seeking everywhere for lovers
She reels through the clouds, a drunken fool
No, the moon is the moon and that is all
Track Name: Revelator
I hear in the palace the beating of wings
A mighty chill wind of the Angel of Death
Behold the Lord hath come, the Son of Man is at hand
Rejoice not O Palestine, smiting rod is broken
Sun dims to deepest black, moon darkens to blood
Stars from the heavens shall fall like green figs to the earth
Who is this in purple raiment, shining beautiful in robes
Walking mighty in his greatness, scarlet stain upon his clothes
Angel of Almighty God, what dost thou here with thy sword
Day of the Lord is at hand his feet thunder cross the globe
Solitary places blossom exposed, rulers tremble with fear
Get thee behind me, get thee behind me
I hear in the palace the beating of wings of the Angel of Death
Track Name: Body of the Prophet
This prophet he is not an old man, in fact he is quite young
Speaking terrible things of my mother, in an uncommon tongue
I desire to speak with him
His eyes above all are terrible, burnt by torches in a tapestry of Tyre
Black caverns harboring demons, black lakes troubled by fantastic moons
I must look at him closer
How wasted he is, like a thin ivory statue
He is chaste as the moon, flesh as cold, cold as silver
You must bring him to me
Track Name: John the Baptist and Salome
Daughter of Sodom, come not near me, cover thy head with a veil
Smear ashes upon thy face, get thee to the desert, and seek out the Son of Man

Is he as beautiful as thou art Iokannan?
I am amorous of thy body, a field of white lilies never mown
White as the mountains of Judea, capped with snow
Not the roses of the Queen, nor the moon against the sea
There is nothing so white, suffer me to touch thy body

Speak not to me, Jezebel, Delilah, I answer only to the Lord God

Thy body is hideous as a sarcophagus
It is of thy hair I am enamored, like black clusters of juicy grapes
Robbers and lions sheltered in cedar's shade, a long black night when the moon hides her face
Just before dawn when the stars are afraid, silence of the forest nowhere as black
When sleep overtakes and the mouth lies slack
Suffer me to touch thy hair

Back Daughter of Sodom, touch me not! Profane not the temple of the Lord God.

Horrible, like a crown of thorns upon thy head
It is not thy hair it is thy mouth I crave
Pomegranate juice stains the ivory blade, heralding of trumpets making enemies afraid
Redder than the arcs of blood a lion being slain, vermilion or coral, a gash of red paint
Two slabs of meat upon a silver plate
Suffer me to kiss thy mouth

Never! Daughter of Babylon! Daughter of Sodom!

I will kiss thy mouth, Iokannan, I will kiss thy mouth
Track Name: King Herod's Pact pt. I
Salome, come drink a little wine with me, Caesar sent it himself
Come dip into it thy little red lips that I may drain the cup
I love to see in a fruit the mark of thy little teeth
Bite but a little of this fruit and I'll have the rest to eat
Salome, come sit here beside me upon your mother's throne
You are so pale, do you feel ill? Don't leave me here alone
Will you dance for me, Salome? Daughter of Herodias dance for me!
Will you dance for me, Salome? Dance for me
Track Name: The Syrian
I gave him a little box of perfumes and earrings wrought in silver
A ring of agate he always wore upon his hand
In the evening we would walk by the river, through the almond grove
He used to tell me of Syria, his voice so soft and low
I knew the moon was seeking a dead thing, but I knew not it was he whom she sought
Why did I not hide him from her? In a cavern she would have found him not
He was my brother, nearer to me even than a brother
The young captain has slain himself
Slain himself who was my friend
Track Name: King Herod's Pact pt. II
Come near, Salome come nearer that I may pay thee thy fee
I will grant thee what thy heart desires, I shall compensate thee royally

Would that you bring me, on a silver charger, the head of Iokannan

I have sworn an oath to my gods, this I know too well
Half of my kingdom could be yours, ask of me something else

Bring me the head of Iokannan

I beg thee be not stubborn, I have loved thee too much
Head and body separate is ill to look upon, perhaps an emerald from Caesar's clutch

Bring me...

I have looked at thee and ceased not this night, but I shall look at thee no more
What of my white peacocks, gilded golden beaks, I have but a hundred and they're yours

Bring me...

Salome, think of what you're doing, this man may come from God
If he dies perhaps some evil would befall me, Salome listen to me once more

Bring me...

Let her be given what she asks, of a truth she is her mother's child
Oh surely some evil will befall someone, wherefore did I give my oath?
Track Name: The Kiss
I hear nothing, why does he not cry out?
There is a silence, a terrible silence, I heard something hit the ground
Je t'aime la bouche Iokannan, I will bite red lips like ripe fruit
Je t'aime la bouche Iokannan, I will kiss thy mouth
Thine eyes so full of rage and scorn, wherefore are they shut?
Thy tongue, scarlet snake darting poison, the red viper stirs no more
You spoke evil of me, as a harlot, a wanton woman
Now I still live and thou art dead, thy head belongs to me
I could throw it to the dogs, vultures circling overhead
Thou wert the man I loved above all others, je t'aime la bouche Iokannan
Nothing in the world so white as thy body, nothing on earth so black as thy hair
In the whole world nothing so red as thy mouth, your voice a censer, perfuming the air
Thou hast seen thy God, Iokannan, but I thou didst never see
Still I hunger for your body, neither wine nor apples enough to eat
I was a virgin, you took my virginity
I was chaste, but your passion burned me
I have kissed thy mouth Iokannan, a bitter taste on thy lips
Was it blood or was it love? They say love hath a bitter taste
The mystery of love greater than the mystery of Death